Ten reasons to hire Cathy

Ten reasons to hire Cathie as your weight loss coach

  1.  Because Cathie’s speciality is weight loss.  She is not a nutritionist or a Dr or a fitness coach – she is a professional weight loss coach.   If you Don’t know what to do, Cathie can share her extensive knowledge about the nuts and bolts of weight loss. If you Do Know what to do but can’t keep doing it, Cathie has ways to help you keep doing what you know you ‘ should’ do even when the road gets rough.
  2. Because you are unique  person.  Your individual sessions with Cathie will focus on your needs and circumstances.
  3. Because you have other important things in your life besides weight loss.  Cathie respects and cares about her clients as whole people, not just a number on the scales. While Cathy’s clients usually hire her because they want  to lose weight,  everyone has other things happening at the same time  as they are losing weight – family issues, work issues, other health issues.  Cathy’s clients find her ‘life coach approach’ supports them with these concerns also.
  4.  Because   you need someone to remind you of what you can do.                     “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right’ Henry Ford.   Cathie will keep you focused on what you can do.
  5. Because you can work with Cathie whatever your location. Cathie is experienced at working with people  by phone and skype,  as well as in person . Does  weight loss coaching by phone work ?   Yes !  it is just as successful as in person sessions and usually more convenient – no travel or dressing up involved.
  6.  Because your time is precious.  Don’t  waste time travelling – Cathie can visit you at you office or home, or work with you by phone, skype or e-mail.   Cathie will respect your time by being reliable and on time.  Individual sessions can be arranged to fit around your other time commitments.
  7. Because it doesn’t matter if your budget is small or large– Cathie has a range of different options to suit you.
  8. Because privacy is important to you.  No one else need know that you are working with Cathie.    Everything you discuss with Cathie will be kept confidential.  If you work with Cathie by phone or skype  no one need even see you – you can be having a bad hair day and no one will know!
  9. Because Cathy is reputable.   Cathy’s approach to weight loss is in alignment with the Ministry of Health Clinical Guidelines for Weight management in New Zealand Adults.   Cathie has a background as a registered nurse.
  10. Because you know that persistence leads to success.

When I meet successful people I ask 100 questions as to what they attribute their success to. It is usually the same: persistence, hard work and hiring good people’.
Kiana Tom