What Cathie’s clients say …

Workshop and course participants:

‘ I imagine most people would have some anxiety prior to doing something like this workshop, about what the group will be like, and whether they will fit inAt the Procrastination workshop I found there was a great bunch of people.   I really enjoyed the group and I was surprised that there were probably one or two in the group that I thought, ‘Wow really – you have trouble with procrastination? You, who have done a PhD?   It just goes to show that people who appear as if they have got it all together battle things like procrastination.    I am always amazed when I attend anything like this workshop, at the range of different personalities, different cultures, different educational levels etc 
I really enjoyed the day I thought it was fabulous. Among the many things I liked, there were two things that I found most useful. The ‘ if… then…’  idea was something I’d never heard of before.  It was like a bit of a light went on when I heard about it, so I appreciated being introduced to that idea.   Also  I ‘d never really  stopped to think about that if I didn’t feel like doing something, or I wasn’t motivated to do it, then I could feel like that but go ahead and do it anyway.  I’ve drawn on that quite a bit this week already.   I can say to myself (when I don’t really feel like doing something), ‘Well I know you don’t feel like doing it, but that was your plan, so start’.
I would definitely recommend the Procrastination workshop to others because I found it a really stimulating day, and very useful in a practical sense of getting myself moving.’ Anonymous participant

‘ I’ve always been a bit wary of people that call themselves life coaches because I  think , what are you basing your information  on ?,  what’s backing it up ? So my concern at attending this workshop was that it might be a bit parochial and lots of people sitting around just going mmm  yes I know it would be so much lovelier if we could have a bit of motivation.   I was a bit worried that it was going to  be a bit directionless, that  it was going to be someone who was very well intentioned but didn’t have the oomph behind them to  back it up,  be that knowledge or the presentation manner.

I found that it was totally not what I was expecting.  I really found it so useful. I got so many tools out of it.   So anytime I feel stuck or  lost or overwhelmed  or  if I ‘ve just lost my way a little bit, I feel I have  a menu to refer back to. I’m able to just read the printouts given out at the workshop with no pressure and just find one that resonates with me at that time,  and then  from there I can see a way forward – see a pathway where I didn’t see one before.   It was awesome, I loved it.
I would definitely recommend the workshop to others because from my point of view I have got just so much good input, so many avenues I can explore, like the books  that were recommended.  The mind map handouts I think are so powerful I would recommend people go along to the course just to get those alone. I thought they were great.  I can just totally see I am going to be referring back to those so often.  ‘

‘ The things I learned at the Willpower and Habits course were really helpful and I’m still using them now ‘ ( 1 year after taking the course) 

‘I would definitely  recommend it to people.   I’d even do the same class again because   I don’t know if I’ve taken everything in.  It’s retraining habits from a lifetime.  … the way you think.   I’ve definitely got a lot out of it.  I’ve got my finances sorted out which has been a major stressor for me for a long long time.  It wasn’t  just the course, but the course came at a good time, just when I was tackling things like that,  and also my over-shopping …it just come at such a good time and it’s really helped me get out of those old habits,  things that I wasn’t happy about, that  weren’t doing me any good but I continued doing.  It’s enabled me to lift out of that and create things a bit more logically and not quite as emotionally based as I was. ‘

‘I like that you give back ground and research that has been done – I really enjoy that side of it.   I also enjoy that it’s a small group instead of 20 or 30.  To me it’s been a nice class size.’
 ‘I read about the workshop and thought, ‘I probably need to do that’ but then  I wasn’t sure if it was for me.  I suppose like a lot of people I thought maybe?… yes….no…. maybe ? And then I thought ‘I’m far too busy, I haven’t got time to do that’.  I really didn’t know what I was looking for.
 The other thing was, I don’t work terribly well in a room full of people because I have a hearing disability.  I find it really difficult to sit in a room with a whole lot of people talking I find it quite overwhelming as I often I can’t hear what they are saying.
In the end I thought,  ‘if I don’t do it now I’m never going to do it’. When I went to book, the class wasn’t full, so I didn’t really have a good excuse to not go.   
Once we started getting into the workshop, it explained some things to me which helped me understand, why I do, what I do.  It helped me understand that I probably do procrastinate a lot, and more than I need to. The workshop was definitely something that I needed to do and it will definitely help me, so my concerns about whether it was the right thing for me were nullified.  I was really just trying to put it off. 
The group of people that we had was actually a really good group, and it worked well for me.
I was amazed when Cathie said that procrastinators aren’t lazy. I thought that was quite specific to me because I feel like sometimes I’m not getting these things done because I’m lazy.    It’s really made me open my eyes, and see that probably very often people who procrastinate, are actually very busy people, and they do end up putting some things off for a good reason. But sometimes they put things off because they are procrastinating.
The part about being self compassionate was useful for me, because sometimes I feel that I do knock myself out for not getting things done (when I end  up staying up until really late, doing things because I’ve come to the last minute)   I think sometimes people who procrastinate, do knock themselves a bit, they don’t give themselves the right to say, ‘Okay so you have done it wrong, let’s give it another go ‘.  You just believe you are a bit hopeless at getting organised, which creates a lot of self doubt.
Another thing that was useful, is the ‘just start anywhere’ idea. I like that idea because I tend to start in the middle.  It gave me the wherewithal to actually start doing what I’d started yesterday, because it meant that I didn’t have to start at the beginning.  I could just start where I felt like, and so I went and got some stuff, and got going, which was really good. I think ‘if that … then’ will probably work for me quite well also.
Coming to the workshop did actually help me and give me a lot to think about.  It gave me some methods to use, to help change what I do. I enjoyed it, it was a good day.
I’d recommend the workshop – it’s only a few hours. If it works for you that’s great, and if it doesn’t, you haven’t really lost anything.’
Added a year later : ‘A year later, I still think the day I spent at the procrastination workshop  was well worth it’
Sandy, Fantail Studio

‘I wondered if there was going to be anything new at the  workshop because I’ve battled with procrastination before and I’ve read a lot about it.   However I decided that it would be good to go,  even if it was the things I had heard before, just to remind myself.   When I went to the workshop I found that Cathie presented stuff that I hadn’t read before, so I found it really interesting.
Out of the things presented, I liked the ‘ if … then’  plans the most, because I have put them into practice and they are working.   Also the’ get started’ idea   was a very big thing for me.   I have used it today. It’s funny, because getting over that hurdle seems huge, and once you are over it, you sit back and think – what was the big deal ?  The other thing that resonated with me was about being more self compassionate and not beating myself up.
I thought it was good to have practical plans that you can put into place, and I liked  that Cathie  explained that they are based on research, and gave some statistics. 

 I would recommend this workshop.   I think it would be particularly good for people  who are writers.   Writing is very individual and you are  isolated,  so it was really good to be in a room with other people who have similar issues to share stories, and hear their stories.

 I found the workshop very good, I enjoyed it and I’m glad I went ‘
Elaine Donavan  

‘I thought the Procrastination workshop, was really good.  I really liked the fact that it was evidence based, with suggestions for further reading.  This means that if people wanted to take it further they could.   I thought the pace was good because it wasn’t too fast and it didn’t feel we were rushing.  We had time to talk about things if people were interested and but it wasn’t too empty either.   It was good the way Cathie gave  ground rules at the beginning  about being relevant , and not offering advice .It made people consider whether what they had to say was relevant or not, so the class kept on track. Being given advice can be quite demoralizing.  
I liked the amount of information we were given and the fact that there were very practical things that people could apply immediately. 
 ‘If it is this then I will ‘  that is an immediate thing that people can translate it into life and use.   I have already used that technique.  It’s really good to have some more strategies.       
This workshop has  highlighted for me,  that sometimes the issue is actually the busyness that we opt into without actually having a plan for how all of that stuff is going to fit in.  We are not protective of our time and then we end up with a million competing concerns, and then we let people down or we fail to do things that we said we would do, which feels like procrastination but actually it’s poor planning.  I am going to rethink the way I make commitments.  .  
I would  recommend the workshop because I think that it can have immediate practical value.  Also I think it’s good for people with who suffer from procrastination to meet in a group.  There is a group acceptance.  You go away feeling like, ‘I’m not the only person who suffers from this issue.’
I really enjoyed the workshop. ‘

Jaqui T 

e-mail from a Willpower and Habit change course participant 18 months after completing it
‘I am sorry that I am unable to attend you upcoming workshop but (thanks to you!) I have been much more focused on my plans and their outcomes this year 🙂 

Thank you and keep up the good work:)’  
A Leo

Increasing children’s Self Control Workshop participants

‘I would recommend the workshop I attended (Increasing Children’s Self Control 0 – 12yrs) because I think anything we can do to help our children is fantastic and this is something to help them lead better lives so I’m all for it.’
Melanie Baily
Westport Playcentre President 2016

‘I think the workshop was great.
I don’t speak up at a lot of things but I felt very comfortable because of Cathie’s demeanour, the whole way she ran it and the group size of eight, was the absolute ideal number for me personally. You don’t feel intimidated when you are involving yourself in a group that size.
The best thing about the workshop was the confirmation that we are on the right path.
I don’t think you can ever stop learning, and listening in a workshop is a lot easier to follow, than reading something
I would recommend the workshop to others because, most likely it would give understanding support and confidence to anyone who went.’
Nana of 4 yr old granddaughter

‘The ‘ Helping children increase self-control ‘ workshop wasn’t what I was expected, but I’m glad I went, as it was fantastic. I liked what Cathie said about doing hard things, and then after a while they will become a habit and become easier. I’ve already recommended the workshop to other people. ‘
Nicky Smith

‘I didn’t know a lot about the workshop and I was a bit confused about what self control actually was, but I think the workshop was very very good. I found it really good to define what self control actually meant, and I think understanding what it is, and what I can do, will help my daughter and me. I liked how Cathie kept us on track – we kept wandering off to other things, but self control was what we were there for. I am going to recommend the workshop to my friends who have kids. I think everyone should be going to it. ‘
Renee Momo ( who attended ‘ Helping children increase their self control 0 – 5 yrs)

Individual clients :
‘I feel safe, respected and heard and that gives me validation, which strengthens me against slipping back into worthlessness, which I am recognizing is one of my big bogeys! Thank you Cathie’

‘Thanks for all the encouragement over the last months.  It has been very good and I’ve enjoyed the “focus” ‘
‘Thank-you Cathie. I know I did the work but in this case you provided the key. And I will shout the benefits of life coaches to all that will listen especially my life coach….’

‘You have been a great help and although I don’t have everything in place we talked about I feel I can do it myself in the future,
Just to let you know that I am in a good place. The food planning is going well, I lost weight this week and I am more in control of my drinking, I think I have gained a heighten sense of awareness,
Thanks again for your support’

‘I feel confident, thanks to Cathie, that I have a system in place I can use to maintain myself at a decent fitness level and decent weight level. ‘

‘I like it when I have to problem solve myself.  It helps to talk it through with someone though.  I also like reporting back as this keeps me on track.
You do an awesome job Cathie.  For my own health and sanity I look forward to our meetings.’


Weight management Group participants
‘Before starting with Cathie, my BMI measurement put me into the obese category, I kind of knew what to do, but I wasn’t sure how to work it out. The main thing I’ve learnt is, this is not a one size fits all kind of deal. Since I started, I’ve lost over 8kg in weight and gained confidence.  Cathie has helped by listening, giving relevant information and encouraging me to stop and think, How is this going to work for me?  It’s been easy, like I’ve not felt deprived of anything.’

‘Living on the West Coast meant that I did not have a local weight loss class to attend so I was very pleased to hear the Lighten Up was available in Westport. Having managed to lose weight earlier in my life with the help of a group environment I was hopeful that this group would do likewise. I weighed 100KG and needed to lose at least 25. I have lost 16KG  in 6 months. What helps me is the ‘supervision’ of having my weight monitored by someone else who cares, along with the mentoring provided by Cathy. I keep a food diary which I believe is essential in helping me make the right food choices each day. Cathy checks this weekly. Meeting other members of the group is generally helpful where we exchange thoughts, ideas and stories in a safe private environment. I thought at 44 years I may be overweight for the rest of my life but with Cathy’s assistance and I am well on the way to being at a healthy weight.’

‘I just had three children under 2 ½ years old.  The turning point for me regarding weight loss was when my youngest turned one, and I saw a photo of what I looked like and it was a shock.

I knew I couldn’t do it by myself and I needed some help and that’s when I saw Cathie’s advertisement in the newspaper.  It took me three weeks to finally ring her.

I went to the first meeting and all I was thinking  ‘is this for me ? ‘   I remember ringing her during the week and saying ‘ I don’t think I will come back anymore.’  Cathie told me that i’m all payed up for another four weeks, so I came back … and wow .. so far I have lost 13 kg.  All up I have to lose 20 kg to get my BMI down.

One of the reasons that I had to lose weight was to be fit and active to have more energy to keep up with my children and to be a role model for them.

Cathie has a certain style when you have to acknowledge what you have done well at this week, then waht are the challenges you may have for the week.  Then Cathie will do a lesson, after that she will ask you what you actions are for the week.   The meetings are so encouraging and supportive.  I love coming to the meetings each week and to be weighed.  It is like my time out without the kids.

The four key things for me losing weight are:

  1. Cut out junk food
  2. Exercise every day.
  3. Watch portions size
  4. Write a food diary, it makes you more accountable of what you are putting in your mouth.

It is so important to plan ahead for meal and to have the right kind of food in the house, so you won’t fall into the trap of ‘ what are we going to have for tea  ? ‘

I have just competed in the Westport Women’s Triathalon 10 km walk.  It was amazing being around like minded women who were there doing it to keep fit and be healthy.  At the beginning of this year I wouldn’t have dreamed of doing a 10 km walk.   Next year I am going to walk the Buller ½ marathon.

This is a life style change to healthy eating and being active.

Kind regards

Lisa Torrance ( age 40 )

Lisa (on the right) at her sister’s wedding

Lisa taking part in the 2011 Westport Women’s Triathalon









“I  ” I have been attending Friday morning Lighten Up meetings at Potikohua House.  These classes are taken by Cathy.  I have had success in losing weight .  It is a friendly group .  The meeting goes from 10.30 am until 11.45 am.  Each person weighs in and that is kept confidential. Cathy follows and asks if anyone in the group had any problems.  There is usually a short talk by Cathy and a discussion after.  There is always plenty of reading material available.  Cathy is in touch with members by a phone call weekly. Since I have been attending Lighten Up and have lost some weight I have had a blood test and my cholesterol which was elevated is now down to 6.  My sugar levels are also normal now and I do feel better.  I am also a type 2 diabetic and my tests are all normal range now.’

Shirley McTaggart

‘Losers and Proud of it’ Westport News article 8/2/12 Three Westport women have lost 44kg between them since joining the No 37 (Potikohua Trust) Lighten Up weight loss course last year. (From left) Shirley Mctaggart, Alison Gygax and Lisa Torrance have spent between seven and 11 months on the course taken by life coach Cathie Edwards. She said most of her clients already knew the basics of losing weight. “The difficulty they have is with following through and actually doing it.” She helped them overcome obstacles and provided them with support. “My aim is for my clients to enjoy their life long term, so I do not encourage quick weight loss fixes.” She worked with women and men individually, and with groups of women. (Photo- supplied)