Do you have hesitations about a ‘group’ class ?

People often have doubts about taking a class and being in a group. These are some of them.
I might be embarrassed /feel uncomfortable / have to share  personal things /  feel judged
Previous participants often comment that they feel ‘safe’, within the classes that Cathie runs.
You do not need to disclose personal information in the classes if you don’t feel comfortable doing so.  If there is anything that you would prefer not to take part in, please let Cathie know.

Only weak people need support to change their behaviour.  I should be able to do it by myself.
Actually most people need some help to change behaviour.   You don’t need to be ashamed about getting some support.   If it was that easy you would have changed ages ago.

I haven’t been in a ‘ class’ situation for years – I’m not sure I can handle it
Past participants who have this hesitation have commented that the time went really fast and they appreciated not having to  sit still all the time.  In Cathie’s classes we often move around to work with different  pairs and  in small groups.

I have a special reason I might find the class difficult
If you have difficulty reading / writing/  hearing  or anything else that might make it difficult for you in the class, please let Cathie know.  She will endeavour to make the class experience comfortable for you.

If you have concerns that are not addressed here, please contact Cathie