Why come to a class when the information is on the internet ?

There are many advantages from coming to a class run by Cathie that you  can’t get from the internet or a book.    Here are some of them:

  • You learn and practice skills, rather than just getting information.
  • Having a course / workshop starting on a certain date, means you won’t procrastinate. By setting aside the  time and coming to the class you are making a commitment to yourself to work on this issue.
  • You will  have the opportunity to talk about your intention to change your behaviour  in a positive ( and yet realistic manner)  Research shows that this associated with greater behaviour change success  [1]
  • You get accountability from the group to actually start making changes ( if it is a course)
  • There are a myriad of websites and books about behaviour change – some are reputable, some are not.  By coming to this course / workshop you know that the information you receive is research based.
  • Previous participants often say they get a lot of value by listening   to other participant’s questions and ideas / strategies.
  • Listening to others experiences and talking about your own can help you see your situation in a different way (which can help you generate new solutions to your problems)
  • You have the opportunity  to talk to others with similar problems / situations .  Previous participants say they find it very comforting to realise that there are others ‘ just like them’.    They like being able to discuss things with others  who understand how it is for them.  You may be able to discuss things  that previously you have felt ashamed  to talk about.
  • You may have tried changing your behaviour before by yourself using books and websites and it didn’t work – here is a chance to do something different.
  • You can get positive feedback and encouragement   from others in the group
  • Hearing others similar to you make positive changes ( in multi session classes) can give you hope and increase your motivation.
  • Some past  participants  have made connections with others in the class and continue to stay in touch after the class finishes.
  • You find out about other resources both from Cathie and other class participants.
  • You can ask questions about your particular situation.

[1] Process of health behaviour change: Is Change Talk associated with diabetes outcome? A pilot study of Motivational Interviewing  Margo Neame 2012
Future thought and behaviour change Gabriele Oettingen EUROPEAN REVIEW OF SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY 2012,