Train Your Brain To Create New Habits That Stick.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.”  Aristotle

What one thing, if you did it  repeatedly,  would make a big difference in your life?
Do you need to ‘repeatedly do’ something, but find it really hard to keep up the repetitions?
Once something becomes ‘a habit’ ,  it’s easy to keep up the repetitions.
How do we turn something into a habit?
Research in recent years has shown us   the most effective strategies to turn an ‘action’ into a ‘habit’
This course will teach you what those strategies are, and help you start creating a habit.

Course title: How To Train Your Brain To Create New Habits That Stick.
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Why go to this course when you can get the information on the internet or by reading a book?
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What will you do at this course ?
You will practice creating effective ‘habit plans’   and assessing habit plans for common errors that could derail a new habit.
You will create a mini ‘habit plan ‘ for yourself, to put into practise right away.
During the second and third class you will assess how   your ‘habit plan’ worked during the previous week and make any changes necessary to the plan.
You will practise looking for obstacles that could prevent embryo habits from becoming mature.
You will practise making plans to overcome these obstacles.
We will discuss how long it will take for your embryo habit to become fully fledged.

Who is this course for ?
This course is for anyone who wants to do something on a regular basis without struggling to keep on doing it.
Examples  of things you might want to do regularly : 
Eat healthy food
Go to bed at a reasonable hour
Get up early
Floss teeth
Deal with e-mails
Eat breakfast,
Plan each day
Set goals
Keep track of finances
Do housework / garden maintenance
Back up files and photos
Keep in touch with family  and friends
Express gratitude

Do you wonder if this workshop will be worth your time?
This 3 week course has previously been part of the 6 week ‘Willpower and Behaviour Change ‘ 6 week course.  See what previous participants said about the 6 week course here. 


What actually is a habit?
An unvarying behaviour
Repeated regularly
Done without thought.

Do you have hesitations about being in a ‘group’ class?
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