Helping children increase self control testimonials

‘I would recommend the workshop I attended (Increasing Children’s Self Control              0– 12 yrs) because I think anything we can do to help our children is fantastic and this is something to help them lead better lives so I’m all for it.’
Melanie Baily
Westport Playcentre President 2016

‘I wasn’t sure what to expect when I went to the workshop and I didn’t know if the course content would be applicable to me, however I am really pleased I went. I thought the content was very informative and personally I took away quite a few ideas I want to try and put into practise. I liked the information and the way it was delivered. I would definitely recommend the workshop to people if they are interested in something like that.’
Michelle Robertson
( attended ‘Increasing Children’s Self Control 0– 12 yrs) )

‘I think the workshop was great.
I don’t speak up at a lot of things but I felt very comfortable because of Cathie’s demeanour, the whole way she ran it and the group size of eight, was the absolute ideal number for me personally. You don’t feel intimidated when you are involving yourself in a group that size.
The best thing about the workshop was the confirmation that we are on the right path.
I don’t think you can ever stop learning, and listening in a workshop is a lot easier to follow, than reading something
I would recommend the workshop to others because, most likely it would give understanding support and confidence to anyone who went.’
Nana of 4 yr old granddaughter

‘I don’t like to be separated from my son on a weekend but I felt it was worthwhile going the workshop,  as although I knew  a lot of the things covered, it helped me put more effort into putting those things into practise. I loved that you talked about the games and those things that we can do
I work with Mums who have children under 5, and I would encourage those mothers to go to the workshop as Cathie  presented really practical, and down to earth methods of understanding our children, and how to interact with them. The way she presented   was really easy to understand.   I think people can get much more from the workshop, than just teaching their children self control. ‘
Simonette Brizzell

‘The ‘ Helping children increase self-control ‘ workshop wasn’t what I was expected, but I’m glad I went, as it was fantastic. I liked what Cathie said about doing hard things, and then after a while they will become a habit and become easier. I’ve already recommended the workshop to other people. ‘
Nicky Smith

‘I didn’t know a lot about the workshop and I was a bit confused about what self control actually was, but I think the workshop was very very good. I found it really good to define what self control actually meant, and I think understanding what it is, and what I can do, will help my daughter and me. I liked how Cathie kept us on track – we kept wandering off to other things, but self control was what we were there for. I am going to recommend the workshop to my friends who have kids. I think everyone should be going to it. ‘
Renee Momo ( who attended ‘ Helping children increase their self control 0 – 5 yrs)