Changing failure patterns workshop testimonials

‘When I enrolled for this workshop I didn’t know what the content would be. However when I went, I found   all the content was great. I was interested in the workshop from two angles; one as university student interested in further learning,   and the other; I was looking for practical strategies to help me with my own mental health.

The workshop went into depth a lot more than I thought it might.  I thought it might have been more basic.  I thought it was good advanced learning.  I really enjoyed the practical exercises because I think it helped me learn what we were doing.

I need as many mental health strategies as I can come up with, and I the part I liked most about this workshop was the mental exercises.  Things like; mental contrasting, and really planning   for when you get into trouble, and breaking things into small parts and rewarding yourself for successes.

We ran out of time so we couldn’t do some of the exercises. I think it would be even better with more of the same.

It’s value for money I thought, I got a lot out of just the one session.

I would recommend this workshop because it gives useful techniques to overcome blocks (that we all have) to do what we need to do, and what we want to do, in our life. ‘


‘ I’ve always been a bit wary of people that call themselves life coaches because I  think , what are you basing your information  on ? what’s backing it up ?
So my concern at attending this workshop was that it might be a bit parochial and lots of people sitting around just going mmm  yes I know it would be so much lovelier if we could have a bit of motivation.   I was a bit worried that it was going to  be a bit directionless, that  it was going to be someone who was very well intentioned but didn’t have the oomph behind them to  back it up,  be that knowledge or the presentation manner.

I found that it was totally not what I was expecting.  I really found it so useful. I got so many tools out of it.   So anytime I feel stuck or  lost or overwhelmed  or  if I ‘ve just lost my way a little bit, I feel I have  a menu to refer back to. I’m able to just read the printouts given out at the workshop with no pressure and just find one that resonates with me at that time,  and then  from there I can see a way forward – see a pathway where I didn’t see one before.   It was awesome, I loved it.
I would definitely recommend the workshop to others because from my point of view I have got just so much good input, so many avenues I can explore, like the books  that were recommended.  The mind map handouts I think are so powerful I would recommend people go along to the course just to get those alone. I thought they were great.  I can just totally see I am going to be referring back to those so often.  ‘