About Cathy

What does Cathie do?
Cathie is not taking new clients at present
As a professional life coach Cathie is an expert at catalyzing people  to  make changes in their lives.    She works with individuals and groups, by phone,  Zoom, Skype and face to face.

Many of Cathie’s clients have said they struggle to make changes  because of ‘ lack of willpower’,  so Cathie now tutors courses about the recent research into self control and habits.   These courses provide practical, evidence based, strategies and tips. She also runs workshops on how adults can help children develop self control as compelling evidence shows that children with more self – control become adults who have better mental and physical health, have increased financial security do better academically and are less likely to abuse substances and commit crimes.

Cathie’s experience and credentials Cathie trained with CoachU Inc. (the largest coach training institution in the world).   After completing the Core Essentials Program in February 2011, Cathie did 3 ½ years  training and graduated from the  Advanced coaching program in 2014.

Cathie started her life coach business in January 2011. Since then she has worked with  women and men and teens.   If you want to  see what Cathie’s clients say about her  look  on the ‘testimonials’ page.

Cathie contracts  to the Canterbury Workers Education Association to tutor courses on Willpower, Habits and other behavior change topics.

Cathie  has run workshops and courses about habits , self control  and behavior change for community organisations,  private  and professional groups and schools.  You can see what partipants say about these courses and workshops if you click on the Workshops and Courses testimonials link.

Cathie  has held a contract with the West Coast Primary Health Organization managing a weight loss and type 2 Diabetes prevention program.

Cathie has been an  accredited facilitator for Appetite for Life (a weight management and healthy lifestyle program administered in Canterbury by Pegasus Health)

Cathie’s background includes training and working as a registered General Nurse,   working with children and youth in a voluntary capacity ( St John Youth)  and homeschooling her children.

Cathie  abides by the International Coach Federation, Code of Ethics. (www.coachfederation.org )

In 2020 Cathie continues to enjoy coaching individuals and training groups.

 A  little about Cathie’s personal life:   Cathie  is married to John Sullivan and lives in Christc hurch, New Zealand.  She has two adult children, three grandchildren,  3 adult stepchildren and 3 step grandchildren.     She frequently returns to Westport where she formally lived,  to see clients and visit family and friends.  Cathie enjoys gardening and  being a member of Toastmasters.