When SMART goals aren’t enough workshop

Do you feel like a failure when you set goals and then don’t achieve them ?
Are you tired of setting the same goals over and over each year ? Maybe you choose not to set goals because then you can’t fail.
It’s not your fault. Research has found, it could be because you set an approach goal and prevention type goals are more effective for your personality type. Maybe it was because your set an achievement goal and what you were aiming at was more suited to an improvement type of goal.
How challenging should your goal be? Should you aim to achieve baby steps or are ‘ big hairy audacious goals’ more likely to motivate you ?

This workshop was held  7 – 9 pm Feb 17th  2016 WEA  59 Gloucester St
‘When SMART Goals Are Not Enough ‘
Cost $9.00
If you have any questions please contact Cathie
ph (03) 3322003 or 0212340377