Changing Your Failure Patterns to Success Patterns Workshop

“Self-belief may not necessarily ensure success, but self-disbelief assuredly spawns failure.”

Do you have doubts that you can really change your self- defeating behaviors?  After trying and failing, many people believe, that they just don’t have what it takes to change. Unfortunately just ‘ thinking positive’ isn’t enough to break this ‘ failure pattern’
This workshop will teach you rational, research based techniques to increase your ‘ self- efficacy’ ( your ‘ I can do this ’ belief)
Since the renowned psychologist Albert Bandura first introduced the construct of self-efficacy in 1977, researchers have demonstrated that individuals’ belief in their ability to succeed, powerfully influences their attainment in diverse fields.

‘People’s accomplishments are generally better predicted by their self-efficacy beliefs than by their previous attainments, knowledge, or skills.
( Of course, no amount of confidence or self-appreciation can produce success when requisite skills and knowledge are absent ) ‘
 Pajares (2002). Overview of social cognitive theory and of self-efficacy.

Success is not simply a matter of how capable one is, but of how capable one believes oneself to be. If you want to achieve something but don’t believe you are capable, this workshop is for you.

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Will this workshop be helpful for ‘my’ problem ? 
This workshop is for anyone who lacks confidence that they can do ( and keep doing) the behaviours needed to reach their goals.
Some of the  personal goals previous participants at this workshop have worked on are : ‘Getting organised
Better time management
Handling finances
Controlling clutter
Eating healthy
Becoming fit
Stopping procrastinating
Thinking before reacting
Stopping nail biting
Stopping smoking
Becoming assertive

What will we do at the workshop ? 
This is a practical workshop where firstly you will be taught what the main influences on your self efficacy are, and then you will learn practical strategies to make those influences favorable.
You will do exercises to practice these strategies. The exercises will use ‘examples of goals’ provided by the tutor as well as your own specific goal. Some exercises will be done in small groups or pairs but if you don’t feel comfortable with this you may do them individually.
We will have a 10 minute tea break midway though the workshop.
It is expected that you will leave with firm intentions of practicing some of the strategies learnt at the workshop to help you achieve your personal goal.
If enough participants are interested, we may meet again several weeks following the workshop to discuss progress and answer questions that have arisen since the workshop. Alternatively participants may choose to book an individual session with Cathie for the same purposes.
Due to time limitations the workshop will cover only the most important strategies and influences on self efficacy. If you are interested in more in depth information about this topic please ask Cathie.