Procrastination workshop

Broken promises , last minute scrambles , stress and regret from things undone or done too late.
This workshop helps people who procrastinate, get started on the most important tasks. 
If you continually put things off,  it’s likely you are unhappier, less wealthy or less healthy than you could be.  You won’t be reaching your full potential and  if you carry on this way the quality of your life could be reduced forever.

Practical, evidence based strategies taught in this workshop will help you reduce procrastination and get more done.
In the last 20 years there has been a surge of research into procrastination. Researchers, have discovered why people procrastinate, and have found numerous tactics  to reduce this tendency.

If you think you don’t have time to take this workshop or that you probably already know about the things covered, take a look here at what a previous participant says about this.

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Enroll  :  Pre -enrollment is essential.  Enroll soon to ensure a place as workshop is                                 limited to 16 participants.
Enroll here  or ph 03 366 0285 (  WEA office hours 9.30 am – 3 pm)
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Topics covered in this workshop
1.  Looking at your personal procrastination profile

–What actually is procrastination ?
-What are your procrastination patterns ?
-Making a commitment to change

2. Why people procrastinate
– to avoid negative feelings
– having an overly  optimistic  prediction  about how we will feel in the future
-discounting future rewards

3. Strategies to overcome procrastination
– ‘Just get started’  instead of  ‘ Just doing it’
– Implementation intentions
–  Think about future rewards in ways to increase their value.
– Decrease task unpleasantness
– Mindfulness and acceptance and commitment training.
– Self – compassion
-Increase self –efficacy
– Increase willpower and use willpower strategically
–  Turning  tasks we commonly procrastinate on into a habit

4.   How to deal with other procrastination  traps
– Progress leading to over optimism and moral licensing
– Hitting a hard spot
– The story of  ‘it could have been worse’ .

We will not be able to cover all of the  things you can do to reduce procrastination  in depth during this 4 hour workshop, however Cathie will give you a resource list so you can do further research into the parts that particularly interest you.

Procrastination  defined
‘ Needless voluntary delay from doing an intended action, despite the knowledge that this delay is likely to cause us harm in the long term. ‘  Procrastination is different from strategic delay, which is when we choose to  delay a task  because it is more important that we do something else.

 Do you wonder if  this workshop will  REALLY  be worth your time?
Read what previous participants have said about it  here
You’ve probably tried before – read books, tried out different methods and techniques … and yet when it came to the actual point of doing the important task  – they didn’t work.
What will  be different about this workshop?

  • Every year more and more research is being done on procrastination. New discoveries are being made all the time. Cathie endeavors to keep up to date with current, proven evidence.
  • It has been found that the way people talk about the changes they intend to make, influences the likelihood of them making those changes. This workshop will give you the opportunity talk with other people about the changes you will make
  • This  workshop won’t magically ‘ stop you procrastinating forever,  however the aim is that you will go away with at least one strategy that will reduce your procrastination. A small gain, repeated regularly amounts to a big difference in the course of a life.