Willpower and Habits 6 week course testimonials

‘ The things I learned at the Willpower and Habits course were really helpful and I’m still using them now ‘ ( 1 year after taking the course) 

‘I would definitely  recommend it to people.   I’d even do the same class again because   I don’t know if I’ve taken everything in.  It’s retraining habits from a lifetime.  … the way you think.   I’ve definitely got a lot out of it.  I’ve got my finances sorted out which has been a major stressor for me for a long long time.  It wasn’t  just the course, but the course came at a good time, just when I was tackling things like that,  and also my over-shopping …it just come at such a good time and it’s really helped me get out of those old habits,  things that I wasn’t happy about, that  weren’t doing me any good but I continued doing.  It’s enabled me to lift out of that and create things a bit more logically and not quite as emotionally based as I was. ‘

‘I like that you give back ground and research that has been done – I really enjoy that side of it.   I also enjoy that it’s a small group instead of 20 or 30.  To me it’s been a nice class size.’