Willpower & Behavior change 6 week course

Are you finding it  hard to stick to your resolutions?
The Willpower and Habit change class will help make it easier.

Having  strong intentions to change your behavior, often isn’t enough to make this  happen in the long term.
In this class Cathie teaches you how to make intentions in a way that has been shown by research to double the rate of success.
People often find that when they are tempted … their willpower isn’t as strong as they had anticipated.
Cathie teaches you ways to strengthen your willpower
Often people resume old behaviors before they are even aware of what they are doing
Cathie teaches you things you can do to increase your awareness.

Will it really help?  The strategies taught in this class have been scientifically tested.   Feedback from previous class participants has been very positive.  If you want to  talk to a previous participant please contact Cathie.

Don’t have time to take the class?   If you were to stick to your resolutions, what difference would that make to your life?  Can you afford not  to invest this time in yourself?

What will you get from this class ? This class is not just theory. You  put what you learnt in class into practice each week and then discuss your progress  at the next class.Research shows that if you talk about change in the right way, you  increase your likelihood of actually changing.  This class gives you the opportunity to talk about change the right way.

Topics covered in this class include :
Increasing awareness to help  you know when best to use willpower.
The biology of Willpower
What you  can   do to increase willpower – proven strategies.
Does willpower get depleted when we use it ?
Stopping the  ‘ What the hell’ effect ‘ by using  self compassion.
A simple view of how the reward  system in your brain works
How to create a new habit
How to change an old habit
Implementation Intentions and Mental Contrasting
Coping with craving  by using mindfulness.

The next course will take place later in 2017
To register your interest contact Cathie. 

Not living in Christchurch?  Please let Cathie know you are interested as she may run a phone based  class if there is sufficient interest.
Feedback from past participants of Willpower classes          
I enjoyed the course and learned a lot
I’ve gained lots of strategies to apply
I’ve gained a feeling that I can learn to manage my life
Really liked the tutor’s approach
I’ve gained great skills and information.  I’m already using them.
I thought the course was great.
Exceeded my expectations.  I’m excited to put it all into practise.
Lots of practical tips and ideas
Worthwhile, I have found a gain both in willpower and confidence
The course opened up self  awareness
It’s been great and I go with lots of good ideas
I loved the research results, examples and role plays
Cathy you have an encyclopedic knowledge of these topics.  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to have you share this with us.
Loved the evidence based nature of the course.
I have appreciated your positive/ encouraging teaching style.  I have felt affirmed and worthwhile and encouraged to try and develop new ways of being.

E-mail from past participant reproduced with permission
Dear Cathie,
Thank you for sending through the notes I missed. It is much appreciated.
The course has been so much more than the title “Willpower” would suggest. I signed up (with very little willpower) and thinking I had some understanding of what the course would be about. We have learnt about so much more than that – many topics such as brain structure and development  behaviour and its (at times) modification, human frailty and in revealing the nature of human psychology and behaviour you have raised my awareness of personal action (and inaction) that prevents me making the progress I desire. The amount of laughter each session would suggest i am not the only one.
You have such a lovely manner Cathie. Your enthusiasm for what you are teaching and your curiosity about what we think, and in following up issues that result from our questions, is infectious. It has enabled the group to be comfortable with each other and i guess our depth of enquiry has flowed on from that ease. The class handouts are valuable and several times in rereading them I have followed up an idea that has been touched on there.
Please know that the energy you have put into the preparation and delivery of this course has been of value and I hope you have the opportunity to provide this course for others.
Again, many thanks,
Kate McColl



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