You have probably come to this website because you are curious about Cathie and what she does.  Is what she offers useful to me?  Or to someone I know?  You are most welcome to read on, and browse around the other pages on this website.  If you want to find out more please contact Cathie.    

Cathie is a weight loss and life coach.  She works with people who want to lose weight and keep it off.   Cathie realises that the desire to lose weight is just a part of a person’s life – there are other important things happening also.  She treats her clients as ‘whole’ people, so she supports them through whatever else is going on in their life while they are losing weight.  In fact sometimes other things need to be dealt with before her clients even get started on losing weight.   Occasionally people come to her not because they want to lose weight, but because they feel that she is the right person to support them with other things in their life.  Thing like:  working out how to spend time on what is really important to them,  reducing stress,  making  important decisions.

 You are probably wondering, ‘What does Cathie actually DO to assist people to lose weight?’

Cathie believes that we are all unique individual people and so what is most helpful for one person may not be best for someone else.  Cathie supports her clients to figure out what is the best way for them, in their own specific circumstances, to lose weight and keep it off.

The process is a bit like the experimental process scientists go through when they are finding the solution to problems.

Firstly Cathie assists her clients clarify what they want to achieve and why.  They look at what is happening that is contributing to the difficulty in losing weight.

Next they come up with strategies to deal with these problem areas.  Then Cathie’s clients   try out some of these strategies.

After trying them out they reflect   – were these strategies effective?   Do I need to adapt them, try something different?

During experiments, designers or scientists often jump back and forth between steps; Cathie and her clients   do the same, and keep experimenting until they figure out what are the most effective strategies for this person – the ones that work with their lifestyle and their body.


 What sort of strategies do Cathy’s client use ? 

Mostly Cathy’s clients create the strategies themselves.  Now why on earth would they want to come to a weight loss coach if they know what to do already?

Although most people have the capacity to figure out effective strategies, they often get stuck looking at a problem from one perspective – through an old set of glasses.   They need someone to ask them the right questions to get them looking at things in a new light.  Cathy helps them put on a new pair of glasses so they can look at things differently.

Sometimes Cathy can see that her clients may benefit from some of her extensive knowledge about

  •  Nutrition for weight loss
  • Activity and weight loss
  • Behaviour change and weight loss
  •  Thinking change and weight loss
  • Setting up the environment and support structures to assist weight loss.


Cathy offers this information to her clients,   like a sales person in a clothing shop might suggest a customer try on a garment.

“This might be what you are looking for – would you like to try it on?  I think it might suit you. “

And just as clothing shop assistant wouldn’t insist the customer try the garment on – Cathy does not insist that her clients MUST do what she suggests


What else does Cathy do ?

Throughout the   experimentation phase, and then maintaining behaviours to achieve weight loss, (and finally maintaining habits to keep it off) Cathie is your support person.  She is there to keep you focused, and help you  anticipate  pitfalls.  She is there to encourage you to pick yourself up if an experiment doesn’t work and you feel like giving up.  She is also there to celebrate your successes with you!

Cathie loves working with the interesting and resourceful people who are her clients.  She would love to hear from you   and offers a free 20 min session to all potential clients.  There is no obligation for potential clients to hire Cathie after this session – it is simply a way for them to get to know Cathie ( and for Cathie to get to know them) ,  and  for them both to  work out if coaching with Cathie is the best thing  right now.

Be confident – give Cathie a ring !

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