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Do you lack willpower ?
Do you have habits you want to change ?
Do you want to change your behaviour ?
Do you know what you want to do … and yet you have trouble following through and doing it ?
If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then you have come to the right place.
Cathy wants to help make it easier for you.

When you’ve tried before it didn’t work.
It probably didn’t work for three reasons :
1. You didn’t ask yourself the right questions. We know ourselves better than anyone else but if we don’t ask ourselves the right questions, we don’t get the right answers.
2. You didn’t understand how behaviour change (in general) works so you made mistakes.
3. Changing behaviour is hard work and you didn’t have enough support to keep going.

Cathie can ask you the right questions, give you information about behaviour change and support you to keep going.

You are in the right place to find out if Cathie is the person to support you. Please browse around this website and contact Cathie to ask her questions or request a complimentary coaching session.

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‘Thank-you Cathie. I know I did the work but in this case you provided the key. And I will shout the benefits of life coaches to all that will listen especially my life coach.’

Anonymous Personal private coaching August 31, 2018